SparkX Celebrates Its 3-Year Anniversary

2021-09-29 14:49
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"The moment we choose to start a business or join a startup, it immediately means that things will not always proceed as planned. It’s a difficult and arduous path, but with the right people, it can also be incredibly rewarding. I believe that the last three years have been a precious chapter for everyone at SparkX, and while the future still holds countless challenges ahead, I am positive that life will reward everyone that is hardworking.” - Jun Yuan, Founder of SparkX

Many might wonder why we chose to celebrate our three-year anniversary with such a ‘bang’. That's because during this short time, we grew from a team of 50 to nearly 300, expanded our Shanghai and Shenzhen offices while officially branching out to key cities like Wuhan, Beijing, Hangzhou, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City.

True to our nature, we also continued to push for innovation and ways of improving our services and capabilities, resulting in the creation of SparkX Studio, designed to provide localized overseas creative solutions; further strengthened our marketing intelligence capabilities and developed our one-stop automated marketing platform Xplatform. We also leveraged the growth of new overseas brands and established internal learning systems with cutting-edge marketing insights to improve our services and nurture the professional development of our staff. 

As Tony Wang, Co-Founder of SparkX put it, “entrepreneurship is not accomplished by one person but by a group of people. In the last three years, I am grateful to everyone that has been on this journey with us and consider myself fortunate to be standing among them. We empower each other, and thanks to everyone’s contributions, today SparkX stands tall and almost 300 strong!”

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Like A Blind Box Full Of Surprises

During the celebration, our Founder, Jun Yuan shared how fortunate we are to be on this fast-growing track. Particularly how lucky we are to prove the common saying that ‘most startups don't make the three-year mark’ wrong! This has not only been thanks to the hard work of the team, but also to the trust and support invested by many throughout the way.

Our investors, Lu Hong Da, Chairman of Genimous Group, Zhang Tao, General Manager of Ping Pong's strategic investment department and Li Xu Fu, Managing Partner of Xinli Capital, also voiced their thoughts on SparkX and how its beginnings were like a “blind box, where you didn’t know what you’d get. Yet, the current SparkX is like having found a hidden gem with surprises that far exceed expectations!”

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Seizing The Future

A party is not a party without fun and games. Our teams from all across China brought their best performances on stage, wowing us all with their hidden talents and gaining many secret admirers! However, beyond the stellar performances, never-ending cash prizes and interactive games, our teams from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Beijing and Hangzhou offices were finally able to meet, connect and bond in person, strengthening ties more than ever before.
SparkX’s three-year anniversary shined a bright light on the future of the company. With high spirits, a shared vision and common goals, we are positive that we’ll continue to overcome all adversity and challenges, conquering new heights in the many years to come.

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