SparkX Scoops Two Awards at GMTIC 2021

2021-09-29 13:47

The 5th GMTIC Global Marketing Technology & Retail Innovation Summit hosted by iDigital China recently came to its end in Shanghai. The summit focused on up and rising martech that empowers retail innovation and development; inviting advertisers, technology partners, media as well as advertising experts to share the hottest insights on the digitalization of businesses and enterprises, new retail ecosystems and Martech+AI technology applications that promote innovation and propel the marketing industry forward. 

During the summit, SparkX took home the Big Data Service Provider Excellence Award and Best Platform Marketing Award with its instant sharing DMP and "Starbucks FY21 Online Breakfast Promotion Campaign”. This recognition is a reflection of our innovative nature and relentless pursuit of excellency through high-quality content, marketing strategy, tech development and resources.

At SparkX, we believe that if brands want to sustain business momentum and stimulate significant growth, they need to diversify target audiences to create new opportunities through various dimensions of segmented data. However, data fragmentation, cross-platform integration, real-time performance and the inability to fully unleash the value of data are all problems that our industry is still struggling with. In response to these challenges, SparkX developed an instant sharing DMP in attempts to connect and complement its existing data population with data from public review website, all while ensuring user data privacy. The application created a clear profile of target audience segments and a three-dimensional delivery system, helping advertising performance achieve higher efficiency.

Between Q1-Q3 of this year, SparkX used its instant sharing DMP solution to help dozens of brands customize over 500 target audience demographics, subdividing them into 163 catering/ parent-child/home-related segments. At the same time, the instant sharing data solution extracted O2O data insights in a one-stop manner, obtaining extensive and accurate advertising exposure, increasing operational efficiency by 30%. Through our Instant Sharing DMP and granular audience segmentation, we were able to accurately reach our target audiences and boost conversions.

Another key factor is the consumer decision-making process and how well brands integrate marketing touchpoints within the daily lives of their consumers. For the "Starbucks FY21 Online Breakfast Promotion Campaign”, we first used SparkX’s databank and tools to pinpoint audience groups that fit within “Western-style food” interest groups and “ urban white-collar workers with medium to high spending power” profiles. Secondly, we identified the optimum times within the day to best reach and connect with these audiences. During the promotion period of the campaign, we chose morning commute and pre bed time hours as the primary advertising periods. Both the Peanut Metro App and Tencent Media platforms served as our campaign ads testing grounds, where all traffic was directed to the Starbucks WeChat Mini Program and Starbucks WeChat Official Account.

Having achieved positive results and market feedback from this first test round, we expanded the campaign to ten other markets, effectively reaching a wider pool of target audiences. By implementing granular audience segmentation and real-time touchpoints, the “Starbucks FY21 Online Breakfast Promotion Campaign” gained hundreds of millions of views, one million clicks, CTR exceeded initial expectations by over 20%, and Starbucks WeChat Mini Program UV increased by nearly one million.

For brands to effectively reach and connect with their target audiences, they need to diversify and adapt their content to match consumer interests and preferences in order to reach them at the right place and time. Through data, technology, content and innovative digital marketing solutions, we will continue to push the boundaries and help brands uncover new venues for business growth.