SparkX Marketing Closes Hundreds of Millions of Yuan in A and B Funding Rounds
Investment will enable SparkX Marketing to further develop and scale its data driven, cross-border digital marketing solutions

SparkX Marketing, a next-generation cross-border digital marketing service platform has recently completed hundreds of millions of yuan in A and B funding rounds. The latest round was led by GLP Hidden Hill Capital, while previous shareholders Xinli Capital and Borchid Capital also made additional investments. Both rounds of investment were made six months apart.

The funding will be used for the expansion of cross-border marketing SaaS product Xplatform R&D and technology iteration to promote innovation of the cross-border marketing model through intelligent data-driven digital solutions.
SparkX Marketing was established in 2018 with a focus on providing integrated digital marketing services through diversified data solutions, marketing insights, global expertise as well as marketing technology and resources.

With the spread of globalization, the cross-border eCommerce ecosystem in China is seeing the collision between its supply chain and new global consumption trends, leading to an increased number of eCommerce brands going overseas. While the industry has entered a stage of mature development, challenges such as homogenization, lack of market understanding and different platform restrictions have yet to be overcome.Furthermore, how can brands better target consumers and connect with them? Is it possible to integrate data from various channels and touchpoints? How can advertising budget be allocated according to data analytics? Efficient implementation and real-time optimization of media touch points and platforms is a problem brands are still eager to resolve.

“There-in lies the opportunity of cross-border marketing to benchmark the global market. China's cross-border digital marketing is still at its early stages of development. SparkX Marketing was founded with the mission to help brands look to the future through advanced integrated digital marketing tactics.” Said Emma Jiang, CEO of SparkX Marketing.

Jiang continued, “In 2019, the market demand for intelligent marketing systems increased exponentially. In response, SparkX Marketing strengthened its marketing automation technology, providing brands with overseas omni-channel digital marketing solutions through SaaS models, generating growth methodologies suitable for different industries and business scenarios.”

SparkX Marketing’s one-stop, intelligent marketing platform Xplatform, covers all core functions through goal-oriented strategy recommendation modules, AI led marketing analysis models, automatic campaign optimization suggestions based on delivery performance and customized cross-channel BI data analysis reports from multiple platforms. 

For startups or small-scale businesses, Xplatform performs multi-channel delivery, large-scale operations and data integration analysis. It can access various types of advertising solutions such as Amazon SP, SD, DSP, extract market insights, perform competitive product analysis, growth opportunity analysis, advertising attribution analysis, cross-channel budget allocation and audience strategy optimization. Meanwhile, for more mature brands, Xplatform's data sciences and marketing technology capabilities solve the problem of isolated data islands, providing customized integrated overseas omni-channel marketing solutions on different media platforms such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. Regardless of the scale and size of a business, Xplatform provides brands with full channel, closed loop marketing solutions through efficient machine learning and data driven capabilities to empower sustainable growth.

“At present, most ERP platforms in the industry solve horizontal business operation challenges such as order management, warehousing and logistics. Xplatform focuses on a brand's entire marketing infrastructure, striving to access multiple marketing channels, achieve cross-platform data analysis and refined operations to uncover new growth opportunities. By the next stage, we plan to complete the construction of a consumer centric marketing cloud and further expand our services globally.” Added Jiang.

Xufu Li, Founder of Xinli Capital said, "We have seen a lot of overseas business and finally settled upon the business of cross-border digital marketing. SparkX Marketing is a young and progressive company with a global vision. As a full- service marketing provider for cross-border brands, I believe that with the accumulation of experience, data, scaling of products, service capabilities, business scope and operational models, SparkX Marketing will continue to iterate and innovate. From marketing and growth solutions, cloud platform services to platform ecosystem operations; they will continue breaking through language, cultural and local market limitations with their digital capabilities and know-how. SparkX Marketing will surely become a global marketing company."

"We have always focused on investing in the cross-border eCommerce ecosystem. The transformation and upgrading of cross-border eCommerce sellers and the overseas marketing of well-known brands have brought strong marketing demand for brands. SparkX Marketing is a leader within the cross-border Martech track. The founding team has considerable experience in the field of international digital marketing as well as local market expertise, with a strong understanding of data, machine learning and the benefits of algorithmic optimization to help brands better improve their delivery efficiency and effectiveness. We look forward to seeing SparkX Marketing work with an increasing number of Chinese brands to help them enter the global market and achieve win-win partnerships." Shared Yu Zhang, Managing Director of GLP Hidden Hill Capital.

Borchid Capital’s Founding Partner, Xin Chang said, “The brutal growth model of cross-border eCommerce has reached a bottleneck. We believe that the next decade will be a golden age for outstanding Chinese brands to go global, and Martech will be an indispensable piece of the puzzle. SparkX Marketing counts with the industry’s leading talent, strategy and data-driven delivery systems as well as efficient and intelligent SaaS marketing tools. They have also amassed nearly a thousand brands and customers. We are very happy to see how much the company has grown in the last two years, and hope that it will continue to develop into one of the world’s leading digital marketing platforms in the near future."