SparkX Marketing Wins Outstanding Overseas Brand Partner at the 2021 GTC Baijing Media Awards

2021-11-01 14:43
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The GTC 2021 Global Traffic Conference (GTC) by Baijing Media was recently held in Shenzhen, China. The conference focused on the theme of "Exploring Infinite Possibilities" and brought together various industry experts to discuss, share and predict what lies ahead for the cross-border marketing industry and analyze some of the most advanced and cutting-edge cross-border solutions in the market today.

As a next-generation cross-border digital marketing company, SparkX Marketing won the "2021 Outstanding Overseas Brand Partner" award with its leading data sciences and martech solutions as well as rich experience in cross-border digital marketing services. All winners for the 3rd Baijing Media Awards were announced on the same night of the conference after months of long-awaited judging, covering eight main categories such as gaming, pan-entertainment, cross-border marketing among others.

The Baijing Media Awards recognize reputable overseas service providers known for the quality of their services and notorious competitive advantages. 2021 marks the third consecutive year that SparkX Marketing participates in the Baijing Media Awards, winning various accolades throughout different categories and gaining industry recognition for its cross-border, integrated digital marketing services; further strengthening the company’s commitment to uncover digital and automated marketing solutions as well as further exploring digital and intelligent solutions to drive long-term growth for cross-border businesses.

Upgrading Marketing Strategy Services
Empowering Brands at Every Stage of Their Development 

Since the beginning of this year, the cross-border industry has continued to grow. Recent studies reveal that a total of 5,367 cross-border eCommerce companies were registered in the first half of 2021, a year-on-year increase of 113%. In the last two years, the pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in the penetration of foreign online consumption, shining a light on the advantages of China’s prominent supply chain and accelerating the digital transformation of traditional business models for the deployment of their international businesses overseas.

As the industry enters a stage of maturity, different types of enterprises have proved to have diverse marketing needs at different stages of development. Both new and mature sellers have encountered bottlenecks in the growth of their traffic and sales. In response, SparkX Marketing separates cross-border businesses into three categories: start-up, growth and mature phases, providing customized marketing solutions for each of these categories to best empower their business development cycle.

For start-up phase sellers, increasing revenue is key. By integrating multi-party insights and data, the overall operations strategy is devised, where our marketing SaaS platform then comes in for large-scale operations management to help companies grow rapidly and increase market penetration.  For growing phase sellers, building brand awareness and improving operational efficiencies are a priority. SparkX Marketing’s one-stop intelligent marketing SaaS platform backed by data and technology can help customers recommend strategy combinations, create advertising campaigns in batches and complete automated campaign management. Additionally, sellers can also optimize and localize campaign creatives through SparkX Studio. Finally, for brands in the mature phase, our customized data sciences, martech and complementary technologies help sellers further maximize and extract traffic from both public and private domains through the automation and management of full-link marketing touchpoints, accumulate target audience data assets to feedback user experience and product upgrades to achieve higher brand premiums in return.

At present, SparkX Marketing has provided services to over 1,000 businesses including brands like Anker, DJI, OnePlus, Aukey, Midea, Haier among others in South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, the United States and United Kingdom.

Promoting Products as a Service
Making the "Product, Service and Marketing" Trio a Reality

The cross-border industry is undergoing an extensive transformation in terms of refined operations, diversification of marketing demands and channels, moving further towards automation. In this process, automated and intelligent marketing management tools are an important starting point for sellers.

This year, SparkX Marketing invested significantly in data integration, technology research and development as well as product upgrades, fully implementing the "product as a service" concept and bringing to a reality the "product + service + marketing" trio through its one-stop intelligent marketing SaaS platform, Xplatform. Upgraded product functions solve the pain points of our clients’ daily operations, helping them improve operational efficiencies and their marketing results.

At the moment, Xplatform has access to multi-party data sources such as first, second and third-party data, including data from different brand dimensions throughout the marketing process, which can be automatically aggregated into the platform’s data center to help brands quickly identify and manage global TA labels, solving the issue of data siloes and establishing a complete and comprehensive consumer data system. Additionally, the data integration, analysis and insights services provided by the data center are equipped with AI algorithms, intelligent marketing engines and other technologies that enable us to establish relationship models between budget, objectives, advertising activities and performance.

In this process, the budget and bidding of different advertising stages within multiple advertising accounts can be automatically managed to further solve the personalized marketing needs of countless individuals. Compared to other solutions, Xplatform can increase operational efficiencies by up to 60%, helping businesses reduce cost and improve campaign diversification and globalization.

In its next stage, Xplatform will continue developing its machine learning and data modeling technology, and continue to expand on different types of marketing model pools to empower more brands with reliable and efficient marketing solutions. “Product as a service is a progressive way of approaching marketing methods and practices. SparkX Marketing is committed to solving the challenges that cross-border brands face by providing martech solutions covering omni-channel, full-link and full-lifecycle marketing. Only by having an excellent product, a strong brand and an innovative mindset complemented by data-driven digital capabilities will brands be able to achieve long-term growth.” Said Emma Jiang, CEO of SparkX Marketing.