Xplatform, Intelligent Cross-Border Marketing

2021-11-18 14:45
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For many overseas cross border companies, data, technology and high-quality communication content are critical components when aiming to reach potential customers and tap into high-quality traffic while also engaging existing users through more competitive products and services. 

This is why more and more overseas brands are accelerating their digital transformation to stand out in the highly competitive cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. As brands accelerate their digital advertising efforts, market demand for cross-border e-commerce SaaS platforms will continue to surge.

SaaS platforms can access more data to achieve sharing and multi-dimensional integration, as well as enhance user loyalty and promote consumer experiences by optimizing core business processes. In other words, digitization is an acceleration channel for cross-border sellers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance business value, while SaaS platforms are a powerful tool for sellers to make digital transformation a reality.

As a next-generation, cross-border digital marketing company, SparkX Marketing counts with a proprietary one-stop marketing platform named Xplatform. Xplatform aims to bring productization and innovation of the team’s overseas marketing and service capabilities and empower enterprises to achieve long-term growth through the deployment of full-chain product marketing.

What Is Digital Transformation in Cross-Border Marketing?

While digital transformation has improved considerably in terms of technology and application, its underlying logic has not changed. It still works around the marketing funnel, which is what we often call the Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty stages. These four phases help marketers better influence consumers at each stage through digital means, promoting purchase and conversions.

In the increasingly competitive digital environment, what exactly is digital transformation in cross-border marketing? At SparkX Marketing, we believe that it is empowering brands by building leading digital capabilities: Strategic brand planning, marketing strategy, channel selection and implementation, operational optimization and enhancing end-to-end digital capabilities.

Based on the insights uncovered on the eCommerce industry’s pain, Xplatform has been designed and developed to address these four core problems:

  • Strategy recommendation module
From a media and consumer insights stand point, Xplatform accesses the Amazon Advertising ecosystem and builds a goal-oriented strategy recommendation module so that sellers can make use of the platform’s rich marketing strategies.

  • Marketing science insights module
Based on Xplatform’s unique data resources combined with valuable third-party data and AI data modeling, the platform builds an intelligent marketing model, which helps brands customize analysis models of their marketing data and enhance marketing efficiency.

  • Campaign management automation
Businesses can create campaign management strategies in batches where the system will automatically provide optimization suggestions based on the delivery performance. Operators can also flexibly configure conditions and rules, automatically optimize budget, frequency, content and other parameters to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Cross-channel data analysis visualization
Through cross-platform custom BI data analysis reports, Xplatform is capable of integrating data from multiple platforms, improve advertising tracking capabilities, quantify the impact of every touchpoint and maximizing efficiency.

No matter the size of the business or brand, whether it is for attracting new customers or performing refined operations on existing users, the marketing needs of all online sellers can be solved through the Xplatform.

Integrating Overseas Omni-Channel Resources to Build a Closed-Loop Marketing Ecosystem

With the rapid development of marketing technology, the connection between consumers and brands has increased exponentially. However, different types of marketing methods for every type of media and ad format still continue to confuse sellers. This takes us back to the four stages of the marketing funnel and how indispensable it is to address it as a whole. In the past, sellers focused mainly on conversions and ROI. However, tackling every stage of the funnel with different strategies and consumer centric ad formats/channels has proven to yield better business results.

In the Amazon Advertising ecosystem, DSP can cover the entire marketing funnel, where its effective audience-targeting function is highly suitable for obtaining traffic in the upper and middle levels. On the other hand, SP search ads carry the most impact at the lower end of the funnel, driving conversions and enhancing the purchase experience when complemented by SD and SB (SBV) ads mid funnel. These customized ad combinations, large-scale efficiencies as well as timely campaign optimization are difficult to achieve by relying solely on human operations.

Amazon Advertising and its capabilities are integrated within the Xplatform. Its one-stop integrated delivery function can meet a seller’s full funnel marketing needs, helping them capture marketing trends in real time and taking timely action.

Through the tool module, Xplatform also provides relevant weekly search rankings of high traffic key words and long-tail words. Additionally, there are multi-dimensional product and comment tools that can provide sellers with ranking analysis of their products based on big data technology. The platform integrates advertising operations and multi-dimensional auxiliary tools, which facilitate the experience of operators in the marketing process.

This said, full-funnel marketing also includes other, more complex advertising combinations. For example, when consumers see a product while searching on Google, this consumer can then be triggered by an Amazon DSP ad on a CNN website and be drawn to Amazon to learn more about the product, completing a purchase through search ads on the Amazon website as a result. A complex purchase journey like this one is strictly aligned with the media consumption habits of specific consumers. Obtaining comprehensive insights into the path of consumers when formulating a cross-channel strategy are of utmost importance when determining how to provide high quality interactive experiences at different stages of the journey, building a more robust and loyal traffic pool.

To perform cross channel advertising, Xplatform accesses the Sizmek advertising tracking and monitoring system which can trace traffic sources from Amazon, Google, Facebook and Tiktok, building channel effect attribution models and formulating marketing strategies.

DaaS and SaaS Helps to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency With Marketing Automation

Refined operations have increasingly become a top priority for marketers as sellers continue to face obstacles and challenges in overseas advertising. With so many media channels, how should budget be allocated? Concerns over data security also loom. These questions and challenges have increased sellers’ expectations and needs for intelligent, efficient and secure third-party SaaS platforms.

Nowadays, intelligent platforms are needed to conduct in-depth insights and diagnosis on the front, middle and back end of the marketing funnel and consumer journey, such as competing products analysis, account optimization, strategy adjustment, etc. These requirements are based on big data modeling and detailed data analysis, which imposes higher requirements for SaaS platforms.

Concerning these requirements, Xplatform sets a foundation by first accessing multi-dimensional cross-industry data, such as audience tag expansion and activation of first-party data, analysis of second-party platform data and dynamic analysis of third-party research data and crawler data. Through the data center, it then manages, calculates and schedules big data to lay a solid foundation for upper-level marketing services, data application analysis and insights.

At the same time, Xplatform’s DaaS (Data as a Service) function module can also provide sellers with multi-dimensional data analysis based on big data AI modeling, underlying technology applications and smart engines, including target audience analysis, advertising frequency analysis, marketing touchpoints path analysis and advertising attribution analysis to solve the many challenges faced by sellers in advertising operations, helping them improve marketing efficiency through quantifiable tools.

The platform’s automatic optimization function and operation log function also provides sellers with different dimensions of operational suggestions, performing automatic bidding optimization on an hourly/day basis, easing daily campaign optimization work and avoiding budget waste. Additionally, its intelligent strategy recommendation can also combine keywords, ASINs, audiences, categories, market data, seasonal characteristics and other elements through set ACOS goals, recommending different advertising optimization suggestions to sellers.

Xplatform also took the lead in implementing AMC (Amazon Marketing Cloud) within the platform, and built an insight module based on the combination of AMC and the platform’s data, producing the best data reporting in terms of audience overlap analysis of Amazon advertising channels, optimal frequency analysis, Amazon combination analysis with SP and SD, Amazon combination analysis with DSP and SP etc. Furthermore, its content data module focuses on how to deliver and analyze advertising assets and content in different countries and regions to help sellers carry out more refined strategy adjustments and smarter operational optimization.

The digital transformation of enterprise marketing is undergoing a process of continuous evolution. From platform to marketing empowerment, we will continue to explore more effective data driven marketing technology solutions and continue to emphasize on the functions and technologies of Xplatform, helping companies accumulate data assets, promote marketing intelligence and drive new business growth.