Full-funnel Intelligent Marketing Platform Driven by AI
Empower Seller's Business Growth
Xmars integrates Walmart ads ecosystem, including Sponsored Products (SP), and Sponsored Brands, Driven by AI and massive data. Xmars focuses on the customer lifetime value, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, to empower seller's business growth.

Intelligent Advertising Platform - Xmars

Full-funnel Coverage Walmart Advertising

Xmars integrates Walmart Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands advertising products to help sellers meet their business goals and provide one-stop intelligent marketing services

Precision Marketing


According to the seller's business goals,  Xmars offers sellers tailored and localized marketing strategies from market research, advertising operations, creative materials, etc

Advertising and


With its database and AI capabilities, Xmars creates the optimal campaign and provides intelligent management of goal setting, budgeting, bidding, and keywords

Data Analysis and


Xmars data is synced with Walmart data to monitor AD performance. Xmars analyzes advertisements, stores, and keywords to achieve the best advertising effect and generate visual reports
Campaign Management
Based on set goals, budget allocation,targeting, and bid recommendations, campaigns are created intelligently
· Campaign Creation/Editing        · Rule Based Optimization
· Dayparting                                    · Budget Run out Alerting

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A multidimensional analysis integrating log level ad reporting, store performance, and industry benchmarks to guide next steps in optimization
· Dashboard Metrics          · Share of Voice
· Real-time Metrics             · Real-time daily Budget Indicator